Kevi Bears Kids

Kevi Bear’s Kids

My true passion is helping through my non-profit Kevi Bear’s Kids. In the past nine years, we’ve provided balls and dolls to 3,300 kids in disadvantaged parts of the world. Everyone should have the right to dream; and if it helps fight hunger, as it did for me, that’s a blessing that I want to be a part of.
Kevi Bears Kids

It’s too late for me, I’m addicted to being Santa Claus.My personal pledge this year is $2,000, enough to help about 500 kids. Thank you for your helping me do much more. 100% of your donation goes toward helping children and is tax-deductible.

Take a look at our online gallery of many smiles we’ve helped make over the past nine years. I hope you get to travel one day and experience the joy of putting a toy in the hands of kid who really needs one.

Ecuador Kids with Soccer Balls